Witches and Wine

So I spent my Tuesday night, feasting with Pagans. It was a very random, low key invite to an entire group of druids, wiccans, and heathens. These are my people.                                                                                     

It’s crazy to me, that I have been a weird girl my entire life. I have always been in love with the moon. I have always used energy work in my life. I have always studied astrology. And I have always been an outsider because of it.  

When I turned 30 and got divorced, I went through a major transformation with my self worth. That’s when I had started to accept my eccentric lifestyle. A few years later, I not only accepted my own eccentricity, but I began to love and cherish my oddness. Today, I can honestly say that I would rather die than to blend in with a crowd.  

Ironically, on Tuesday, that’s exactly what happened. I met with an entire room full of people who are just like me. We drank wine. We talked about spells and rituals. We had a marvelous time.  

Perhaps I am a witch, after all.