Wake up, Venus.

As an astrologer, I relate everything in my life back to the stars.  I know that astrology is not 100% proven. There’s a small part of me that knows how completely insane it sounds to believe that constellations, which barely resemble various objects that symbolize certain ideas in life…is a real thing. In a universe as vast and as beautiful as ours, it seems that God would come up with constellations that more closely resembled a crab or a lion. Or even come up with a better system all together.  It sounds ridiculous, when I think about it.  I’m actually more skeptical about these things than I ever let on. 

But astrology is my chosen perspective on life. There’s a big part of me that has a subtle knowing of the concept:  ‘As above, so below.’   This concept is written in the Bible as, ‘we were created in his image.’  It’s the same idea.  The universe is my God, so this symbolism in the Bible resonates with me.

I believe we are somehow vibrationally connected to the planets, the sun, the moon.  Not so much like we are puppets on a string, but more like the planets are gear shifters that manipulate our lives for the common purpose of soul evolution.  They are characters in the sky, playing out in real time, through all of our lives. As above, so below sounds crazy. I get it.  I wouldn’t blame anyone who reads this for thinking that I’m a full blown nut job.  

In a world full of extreme religions, where a good percentage of the human population legitimately believes that a virgin gave birth to a baby, is it so crazy to assume that we are beings of energy, inhabiting shapes of flesh? Is it so crazy to believe that life is actually a series of situations and experiences designed to guide our souls into more evolved energy?  Am I mad for falling in love with the symbolism of the sun being our masculine side and our moon being the feminine side, a giver and receiver, a father and a mother.  It makes sense to me.  It’s a language that I understand as naturally as my native tongue.  

In my spiritual beliefs, I allow myself to see the big picture.  I don’t judge people, because I have a good understanding of the concept that we are all molded into ourselves through our environment and experiences.  No one in this world could ever imagine what I’ve been through in life, and vice versa.  This idea allows me to live from a place of love in all aspects of life.  I live and let live.  

Like I said, I relate everything back to the stars. Astrology is my roadmap for life. And at the moment, I am knee deep into my ruling planet’s retrograde. It’s always predicted that old loves come back around during Venus retrograde in the seventh house. And this has absolutely been happening. I ran into the first boy I had ever kissed at the gas station. I hadn’t seen him since I was seventeen. He looked really good. I looked like hell. Unfortunately, Venus also rules beauty. What a shit deal that was, running into my hot old flame, but looking like a scene from the hangover because I’m exhausted and slept in too late to brush my hair. Thanks, universe!

Then there was the very odd message from my very odd ex boyfriend. I had unfriended him after the break up. We haven’t spoken since November, and he sends me this out of the blue…

‘Although I don’t exist in your virtual reality anymore, I still exist in actual reality. And so does your birth certificate. You left it at my house.’


There’s been more too. I think I’ve heard from about six blasts from the past since Venus went retrograde. It’s like the universe is parading all of my big mistakes right past me, so I can remember how dumb I get when love comes to town.

I suppose that it’s necessary to rub my nose in the stench of love gone bad, so I won’t go wandering through a mess like that again.  

But that being said, my soul can only evolve so much when stewing in my own solitude.  Quite the paradigm this crazy universe has set me up with.


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Little Moon Talks

Deep thinking, wine drinking, lover of the moon. I started this blog after going through one of those explosive break ups that broke my mind just as bad as it broke my heart. I had to write my story out, so I could understand it. I was surprised at how healing the experience of sharing my story could be. So I kept writing. And I kept healing. I am a typical Midwestern single mother, who has been blessed with the task of raising a couple of sassy little feminists. My friends say I'm eccentric. They are probably right. I work in a cubicle during the week and am a massage therapist on the side. I also I write an astrology blog on Facebook and sell readings on Etsy and sometimes in person for the locals. I love this blog. It functions as a release valve for all the emotions I don't have time to process. It's also a way for me to put my wicked awesome iPhone photography skills to good use. I love my astrology blog as well, but wanted an outlet for more personal topics...the little conversations I have in the middle of the night when it's just me and the moon. I am passionate about empowering women, cultivating self worth, marijuana, wine, and my lifelong quest to understanding relationships. Thank you for checking out my page. I wish to remain somewhat anonymous here, but in return I promise to bleed my heart out into each and every blog I post.

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